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Kamila Mrozek

Quality Engineer
Kamila is a Quality Engineer from Poland with 4 years of experience in testing, currently working for Objectivity. She suffers from Tester Hyperactivity Disorder - she tries to be present absolutely everywhere, learns quickly and constantly search for new ways to improve her work. Some say, that her creativity is boundless. They may be correct because she loves writing texts for her blog and coming up with new ideas for presentations. She believes that nothing is impossible - her motto is "I can not do it? Hold my coffee.". Despite the critical approach to software, she is a tireless optimist. Privately her passion is long and short distance travelling. She will be more than happy to talk with You about geeky stuff like Harry Potter, Star Wars, World of Warcraft, Game of Thrones, Sherlock or Dr Who (and other topics too!).
Tuesday, September 25

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Hot Breakfast Sussex Ballroom

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